ann smootLOU ANN SMOOT

After spending 60 years living what most Southern Baptists would consider a “normal life” which included marrying and raising four children, Lou Anne Smoot faced a painful truth about herself–she was homosexual.

This retired public school teacher, holder of two college degrees, mother of four, grandmother of six, Baptist Sunday School teacher courageously changed her life in the direction she felt God was “prodding” her to go. Despite the uncomfortable situation of remaining a member of her Baptist church when she divorced and began “coming out,” she remained faithful to God and to her church at a time when most homosexuals either remained “in the closet” or turned their backs on the churches that seemed to turn their backs on them.

A graduate of Baylor University, Lou Ann is the author of several books on gays and Christianity including her well-reviewed book A Christian Coming Out: A Journal of the Darkest Period in My Life.

Smoot is now an activist for gay rights and serves on the boards of both East Texas PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) and Project TAG (Tyler Area Gays). She was awarded the 2010 Project TAG Advocate of the Year Award. She volunteers with Meals on Wheels, is active with the League of Women Voters, and volunteered 11 years with the Bethesda Health Clinic.

Lou Anne currently resides in Tyler, Texas, with her partner, Brenda. They enjoy traveling, reading, yard work, and babysitting the grandchildren.

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